How to sleep better with a 5 mins routine

sleep yoga routine

You are tossing and turning in the bed trying to sleep.

“I must sleep, I must sleep.” you tell yourself but it’s not working

Instead, you are hosed with thoughts like a fire hydrant gushing water and your mind is like that small child which is jumping around in that water.

And you are the stern parent telling the child “Stop jumping, come inside and stop playing around”

The child is still jumping.

What do you do?5 Mins Routine to better sleep

Research says that more than 60% of adults are suffering from sleep deprivation. Not only that sleep deprivation is affecting your health and wealth. First, its insidious effects work on your attention span then, your circulatory system (read heart problems) and then, your nervous system (read agitated, distracted)

Great, what should I do?

The child needs an activity and we give it. But, one which helps to quieten it.

Here is the step by step process:

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