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My mission: Transform one million people through Yoga

After over two decades of corporate and entrepreneurial life, I was introduced to Yoga in 2008. I read the yoga sutras and practised asanas by observation. But it was in 2015 when I took the 900 hours Teachers Training at The Yoga Institute (oldest organized yoga school in the world), my life was transformed.

Here I was introduced not only to Asana and Pranayama (the Hatha Yoga aspect) but also Samkhya, Bhagavad Geeta and Yoga Sutra (Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga aspects).

In short, my life changed.

Shri Yogendraji, the founder of the Institute, used to say “Yoga is a Way of Life”

I have seen this statement working for me in my life.

Now, I want to spread the message of Yoga psychology in my own way.

This site is hence dedicated to the transformation of readers.

You may not want transformation and you may be just looking around seeking to get to know more about improving your life

Or you may be practising the physical aspect of Yoga and wanting to know more

Or You have read the important works on Yoga and want to go deeper,

this site is for all the seekers and hence designed that way.

Welcome to Bliss with Yoga

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